Is it Worth Pouring Your Own Concrete in Nashville, TN? Not Calculating Formwork or Leveling & Other Risks

In today’s do it yourself society many people think that with a little research on YouTube they are ready to tackle any project that their heart desires. While many projects are indeed easy enough to do some research on and perform yourself, other projects are not. Many things have to be considered when you determine whether a project is something you are capable of completing properly. When it comes to pouring concrete you will want to really evaluate if trying to do it yourself is a good idea or not. There are indeed many videos online about how to pour concrete. The videos make it look like the whole process is fairly simple. If you have ever seen a concrete job gone bad you should be able to comprehend the fact that it is not as easy as it looks. Whitmans Construction explores this topic further below.

Building Concrete Forms

When you start a concrete project the first things that you have to do is measure your area and prepare the ground. You have to build forms for your concrete project. Many times when people do this part themselves they do not measure correctly. Building your form with the wrong dimensions will lead to your concrete pad not being the correct size.

Level Concrete Form & Foundation

Once you build your form you have to level off foundation and the form. If you mess this up your finished project will not be level. Think of how devastated you would be if you took the time to build your form and pour the concrete and it did not end up level in the end. In addition to not being level, your concrete could dry unevenly and possibly even become deformed.

Mixing Concrete to Correct Ratio & Pouring

Many do it yourselfers assume that mixing the concrete is the easiest part of the project. It doesn’t sound hard to mix dry concrete mix with water but this is actually harder than you think it is. If you do not follow the directions carefully you will end up with improperly mixed concrete that is likely to crack. Sometimes cracks in your concrete can be filled or repaired but other times they are not able to be fixed. If you are able to fix it, your concrete will not look as smooth and clean as you hoped it would. If you are pouring concrete for a foundation a crack is a humongous problem. Your building could have serious problems as a result of these foundation issues. If you have to fix any cracks in your concrete you will likely have to hire someone to come out and help you and the price of your project will increase.

Finishing Concrete After the Pour

After you pour the concrete there is still the process of making the concrete nice and smooth and putting any needed lines in it. These steps require tools that most people do not have lying around their home. When you add up the cost of the extra tools you could very well end up over your budget for your project.

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When you hire a professional to pour your concrete there are so many benefits. First you will get help planning your project correctly so that there are no problems with your finished project. Our professionals here at Whitman’s Construction pour concrete each and every day. We know how to properly mix the concrete, build the forms, level the ground and all the other necessary steps including adding any required reinforcements in your concrete as well as make sure that it looks amazing when it is done. Call us today!

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