At Whitman’s Construction, we specialize in installation, repair and maintenance of parking lots, driveways, walkways, foundations, garage slabs, car ports, decks, pool decks etc using all textures of concrete, stamped and exposed aggregate, asphalt and pavers. We offer full service from dirt work and excavating to complete finishing and walk through of on-site projects.

Asphalt Paving

If you desire a driveway that will last you between 20 and 30 years, then hot-mix asphalt paving is the perfect material to best suit your needs. Hot-mix asphalt is a similar product as what road crews use on highways and roads. We will carefully grade and level out your site, ensure it is well compacted, lay the asphalt out and smooth it over with a vibratory roller and other appropriate equipment. Asphalt paving is a cost-effective material that is also very easy to maintain. Freshly paved driveway greatly increases the value of your home!


Sealcoating is a preventative process performed after the initial paving. Sealcoat is a liquid that is applied to asphalt to protect it from oxidation and the damage caused by traffic, cold weather and ultra violet rays. We highly recommend that you have your surfaces seal coated yearly to extend the life of your asphalt. What this process does is place a protective film and shields your asphalt from stains, makes it waterproof and helps to fill in voids in the surface. Let our professionals give your asphalt a fresh and new appearance while helping protect it from the elements.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Our parking lot maintenance services include replacement of damaged car stops and bumpers patching and repairing pot holes as well as re-striping parking lines and signs. Our team at Whitman’s Construction have all the right equipment to carry out any parking lot striping job. We will have your parking lot looking like new again in no time by re-striping the parking lines, or striping a new parking lot! Let us keep your parking lot looking attractive and inviting as well as reducing any owner liabilities.


At Whitman’s Construction, we can carry out any type of concrete project you have in mind; no matter how small or large. We offer complete concrete work from preparation and forming of footings, foundations and walls to professional finishing. From foundations to garage slabs, sidewalks to walkways and patios to driveways; we are your one-stop concrete contractors. We use the best grade of concrete available that is both strong and durable! Concrete is a great construction material choice as it is very affordable and virtually maintenance free.


For all of you masonry installations including concrete, brick, block and stone; Whitman’s Construction are the right company for the job. Our teams of professional masonry contractors have the best workmanship in the region!

Excavation & Grading

Our extensive services often begin with dirt work excavation and grading. This means that we can prepare any construction site and have it ready for the building phases to begin.

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